Life core🌐

Days, hours, minutes…all those pass by. And at one point, not a single of them we embrace. We get to meet different people. And we don’t get the point of meeting them at times.

But life is all about learning. Learning from every moment. Learning from every person. Literally learning from everything that comes by.

Don’t just learn from the bad times, learn from the good ones too, there is always a hidden story behind each of them.

Don’t just learn from the best person, learn from the worst aw well, it’s better to, get wide knowledge.

Be smart

Love yourself


Yun ya…


Life 🌞🌜

Life is just like a bus. Where you will sit with many people. Many people will enter and leave. Some of them will leave stains or marks on the chairs or the windows. Others will just leave just like they entered.

Some of them will even be in for the longest time. But then, they will still have to leave when they reach their destination. This is a bus where you are the driver, but then still, there will be one who will stick with you for a longer time than others and they will have to step out at a time too

I think you probably ain’t understanding a word I say.

So, here is the explanation; you are the driver of this bus, this means you are the controller of your life. But in this life you will meet many people that you will let some of them in your heart, some will break it, and others will leave footsteps on your heart. Am talking about your friends, even your enemies, and the strangers that added something to you.

Then, your parents, the ones that got you the bus, got you your life, yeah, they will stay , usually, for the longest time in your life, but then vacate when there time probably reaches. You know, a time has to come when they will let you go experience life on your own.

Then, you will have to get married, or get a person you will feel like you really love, and he or she will be with you as well, for quite a long time. But then, at one point, they will also step out, mostly due to death or anything else

Yes, this is what it literally means.

People will come and go. Some will leave scars and others will leave signatures, I mean smileys.

Life just like a bus, on a road to your destiny, you will have to go through lots of corners , turns and bends. Meaning, there won’t be a straight road . It won’t be there . And not all the roads you will pass through, will be smooth, some will be so rough and at a point, maybe you will get a flat tire, but that won’t mean you will have to desert it.

I hope you now clearly understand what I speak of. Life is not about giving up. Even in your toughest times.

I tell you, your life is what you make it. Just live day after day, and at least be grateful for the breath you take day after day.

You ain’t the first one to go down that very road you are going down.

Just be bold

Be you

The strongest you


Life itself 💟

In life, we all know that not all that we want, we get. We all know that, but we still wish to get what we want.

Besides all this we still have to move with whatever comes by in our lives. We have to wipe away those years and just move on. Stand up again.

Yes, because that is not the end of life. We have to just keep on hoping. That’s where the hope always comes in. We all know that not everything we want ,we shall always receive, but we still give it a try.

Sometimes, things get intense and you really want to give up, on this f** life. You even cry your eyes out. And then when you look at your friend, it gets you thinking ” Oh God must hate me”. I know the feeling.

But at times, it’s okay to cry. To cry those tears out, though you feel like you’re the strongest person you Know, at times you just need to let those tears flow down.

Buh none of these will ever kill us, no…it’s just supposed to make us strong and push us forward…

Jus keep strong.

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If you feel life is just not working out for you, just know, you are not alone. For one, I am there for you. So…for now…I guess this is goodbye, let’s meet next time.

Stay strong

Stay bold

Just you

Just me

Life itself🌍


~yun ya~

Whenever I get time for myself, I find myself talking to myself like I am talking to Someone and that person is listening and replying. It is abit weird but it is kind of useful to me. I know well enough that I am not perfect but well, no one is. “Our mistakes are what make us human” my friend once told me, at a time I really hated myself. At someone time I felt like I didn’t deserve the love and care I was receiving well, at times, we all feel that way, that’s why we all need a shoulder to lean on, one to cry on at least.

Yes, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and just that is what makes us human. Well, today, I want to talk to you who is reading this; firstly, thank you for reading and giving me time to speak to your soul ❤️❤️

So, I just want to say something about a memory.

How you can make your memories useful. Not just to take up all the space in your mind. Firstly, what is a memory?? It is a faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. Yes, the mind stores this information, and remembers it. You are able to remember it but when you remember it , will it help you push you to what you want to be? Is it of any use to you?

As we look on our lives and see what we have been through is that of any use to us?

Well,. Different things happen to us in life such as to prepare us for the future but they only sharpen you if you tend to look back on them and understand them. This is because experience is the best teacher. So sometimes, you just need to look back on what you have been through to go through your current situation. At times,you need to say to yourself,” if I managed to get through this, then I can get through this too”

Whether good memories or bad ones, they are all memories. That are all supposed to sharpen into our better selves. Memories are what should help us, most times not to give up, to find our purposes in life.

Well, I just didn’t have much to say about it. It is just something that has helped me out so much apparently through most of my problems. I thought maybe I would share with you about it. Because sometimes, even in your darkest time , you can remember the moments you shared with someone you really loved and that will bring back a smile on your face.

Sometimes in life, you will feel like no one understands you and maybe everything seems to be falling apart in your life. How about you try sitting yourself down. Yes, sit yourself down, and talk to yourself, one on one. As your self questions about your life and see if you are able to answer them. Relate your current situation to your previous ones. Compare what you have been through to what you are passing through. You are your greatest friend and your greatest enemy. Like I have always said you are the owner of your life.

Life is, because love is. There is no life without love . That’s why man has to have friends. Yeah, you have to be aware of your true friends but in life anyone who comes into your life teaches you something. Stop concentrating on only the bad things a person has done but see the good things too. You need to learn to sit back and observe. Learn from the bad things and appreciate the good things instead of complaining. There is a purpose for every single person you meet, some will use you, some will bring out the best of you. Some will try to bring you down while others will give you a shoulder to lean on. But most of all , they will help you discover the real you

We are living in a world where we are living to learn , we keep learning each now and then . Whether a toddler or a teenager we all need to learn. Learn from life itself . Learn from the people we meet and from the people we lose as well. One problem is , when someone speaks about learning from someone or something they only want to learn from the good part and think the bad part is not necessary but it is too. You should learn from both the good and bad part of something. Learn to avoid the bad part of it and use the good one to make you a better person.

You got to learn from your life❤️

Well, that’s my opinion on life , that is how I have tried to understand my life. I just try to share the positive vibe. Please if you have something you think is disturbing you in your life please drop it in the comments.

Please like and follow me only if you think it’s appropriate. It’s just life ITSELF 💓. That’s just it.

To God be the glory 🙏