Life’s very own👑

Hi there, back to you with another… Can I call it episode… Maybe,.. so am here with another episode of life itself, buh just today we are going to talk about something new. Something that I hope will help you understand what to do and why you should do it. That I hope will enable you to make the right decisions. Decisions that you won’t regret. You, must be tired already from seeing “something” every after a full stop. Well, am just talking about management. Management of your own life. Being able to balance different things in life. You need to claim your life and control it. Because, literally, it is your life. “Your life”

At times, certain things may come into your life and sometimes you think they are distracting you from somethings, or maybe you think  stoping you from doing something else, so you decide on deleting them from your, well,  that’s just not it. That’s actually partly wrong , because, that is you trying to avoid things in life. It is you refusing certain changes in life. Change is a fact of life. Therefore, you need to adjust with change in life. You need to stand up and take charge of your life. That’s why am calling this, ‘management’ , you need to learn to manage your life , learn to balance  different things in your life. That’s when you will see “the You” , you always wanted to see. “The You” , you always dreamt of.

How about when I talk of balancing , what do I exactly mean? It may seem hard to understand. I mean, you may ask yourself what I maybe referring to. I willaake it easier for you and maybe give you a few examples

So, my best friend was in a relationship with someone sometime back, and for some reason, she really liked this guy. Well, it was kind of her first time ever falling in love with someone. Yes, at some point, I adored these two but after a short while, they broke up. Literally, this guy broke up with her. So, for some reason, I felt so sorry for her, and I was kind of furious with this guy. Only because he had just hurt my best friend’s feelings. So I went on to ask him what was really his reason for breaking up with her and he only said that he was planning on doing something and he was spending more time on the relationship than on what he wanted to do.

Understandable, right? Yes, anyone would do this, but honestly it wouldn’t be the best thing to do. What I mean is this. What this young man forgot was that he had to man up and take charge of what was happening in his life and that life is always about balancing. You have to balance one thing with another. Balance your time. In life, for instance, for a man, he will have to balance his business, family, money, literally everything. If he doesn’t, he may end up losing it all. You won’t abandon your wife and children because you want to launch a new business and because you think they are slowing you down, and for that matter you think that the best thing to do is to push them away. That is nonsense! You need to take full responsibility as a man . Not only for men, the same applies to everyone, women , teenagers, you need to balance everything, that’s taking charge. That’s taking responsibility. You don’t have to run away from change

That is what life is about. You need to be strong , determined and responsible. Yes , it’s so difficult to. But life isn’t any easy itself.

You need to know that things may not come one by one Everytime. Sometimes, two or more things may come up at the same time and you, for one, may need that balancing.

As you learn all this, you will have to believe in yourself too, you know.  You will have to believe that you can do it. It’s pretty hard for people to believe you when you don’t believe in yourself either. You need to say to yourself “Let me give this a go, ” because life itself ain’t all goodie goodie we just have to be strong and smile through it all.

You just need to be your own life’s administrator. That’s what you should try out. Look at life in a different perspective. Just this once. Stand up for your life. Yes, at some point, I might feel like you pretty much hate your life but maybe someone out there is using it as a guide through their life.

That is life . Oh maybe just a twinkle of it.✨

Am the master of my life




          LIFE ITSELF 💓



Life itself ☮️

So ha! Back to us trying to understand life , I told you about everything happening for a reason. Well, I just wanted to continue to tell you more about that. Well, one of the reasons to why you should have it in your mind that everything happens for a reason is because having this in your mind , dear one, will help you over come alot . It will keep you moving, trust me. It’s one thing that will give you hope when you least expect it

I don’t say this because I just believe it . I have experienced this . I can testify it has helped me through lots of problems , challenges , and all that . Well, only because when something really bad happened, or maybe someone did something butt ugly to me , and it made me feel awful, I just sat and thought to myself, maybe just maybe there is a reason to why this has happened. I asked myself questions like ” why did this have to happen at this exact time, why did it have to be in this place , why does it have to be me” many , very many questions but then there it the other question would cross my mind , I thought to myself “maybe there a certain reason to all this, let me give it sometime and see” then there I bent down on my feet and prayed as waited.

Hmm , well, honestly after my waiting for a long time, I actually found my answer. The answer to my questions. This , just this gave me hope over time. Time after time I waited for answers and there, they would come flowing in. And the next time, I wasn’t scared to face anything in my life. Yes, life is like that,you don’t have to give up that easily . How about you wait and then observe!

You know, when something happens and you know the reason to why it has happened , you get to understand it, and. If it’s some sort of a problem, you will learn to overcome it . You will have hope for tomorrow, you will always find it easy to deal with your anger. And trust me you will experience this calmness.

More to all this, you really need to be positive. Positivity is one thing people have failed to understand. People only concentrate on the negative part of something and tend to leave out the positive ones. Yes , obviously, you need to look at the negatives, but there are positives too, you know, but the biggest reason to why people tend to give up in life is because they not tried noting out the positive side of their lives but only concentrated on the negative.

There maybe a reason for everything, but obviously not all reasons will give you peace . Some of these reasons will trouble your mind but only because you have failed to see the brighter side. The brighter side, that is what is important and the dark side, that is just to help you learn. To help sharpen you into the better person you would want to be and have always wished to be.

You are the one who has to make the decision whether to control your own life or let it be controlled, it’s up to you to see things in your own perspective. No one owns your life but you, therefore you need to claim it. You claim what is yours.

Believe me , you are strong, stronger than you even imagine.

Just , drive your life



Life itself

Just a twinkle of life itself

Hmm…most of us actually think we have understood life in it’s real form buh none of us ever knows what life is. Well, I think because Everytime, every day you discover something new. No one really knows what life really is and neither do I. Well, like I said, we just keep discovering different things til the very end.

Talking about discovering, I discovered something lately, actually, I can’t call it a discovery because am quite sure many people have discovered it.

Yeah, so that makes my discovery more of an understanding, I guess. Okay, so I came to understand, after a long while actually, that everything that ever happens to us happens for a specific reason. I just always wished to share this with people but I just never got the chance to. So, back to my point. Everything happens for a reason.

I never used to see life in that perspective, always thought it was plain and when things happened , like maybe bad things, I actually cursed myself , ended up hating almost everyone around me. I came to a state where I hated myself. Just one day, I got to spend tym at my God parents’ and well, there I jus had a few people to communicate to, to talk to, I lacked a friend that I would sincerely talk too. So most of the time , I spent sitting in silence and think to my life through. There, long story short, I got to understand the reasons to why certain things happened. Well, it’s a difficult thing to do actually, giving yourself some time away from everyone, that is pretty hard trust me

Buh all in all, I tried following up what happened before and after the stuff that was taking place in my life. In case it was a break up, or maybe one of my friends got into a fight with me, I got into an accident or even got expelled from school, it was always because I maybe had done something bad before or a better thing would come after it. Well, you just need to be thankful to God, your friends and everyone. It’s not that what you always want life be, or wish it would be, would be exactly it. You just need to be apologetic, and thankful too. You have to remember that you can never ever predict your future, and if you do, it’s either your chance or you’ve just tried to predict part of it. And I have to say this … honestly this is important..God is alive and is a faithful God , he knew u, and trust me , he still knows you. Before you can do anything just place it his hands will see what am talking about.

And…one more thing, am kind of a newbie to all this , so if you don’t like my blog or you just don’t agree with me … Pretty please tell me… maybe It can be useful to me