Life is just like a bus. Where you will sit with many people. Many people will enter and leave. Some of them will leave stains or marks on the chairs or the windows. Others will just leave just like they entered.

Some of them will even be in for the longest time. But then, they will still have to leave when they reach their destination. This is a bus where you are the driver, but then still, there will be one who will stick with you for a longer time than others and they will have to step out at a time too

I think you probably ain’t understanding a word I say.

So, here is the explanation; you are the driver of this bus, this means you are the controller of your life. But in this life you will meet many people that you will let some of them in your heart, some will break it, and others will leave footsteps on your heart. Am talking about your friends, even your enemies, and the strangers that added something to you.

Then, your parents, the ones that got you the bus, got you your life, yeah, they will stay , usually, for the longest time in your life, but then vacate when there time probably reaches. You know, a time has to come when they will let you go experience life on your own.

Then, you will have to get married, or get a person you will feel like you really love, and he or she will be with you as well, for quite a long time. But then, at one point, they will also step out, mostly due to death or anything else

Yes, this is what it literally means.

People will come and go. Some will leave scars and others will leave signatures, I mean smileys.

Life just like a bus, on a road to your destiny, you will have to go through lots of corners , turns and bends. Meaning, there won’t be a straight road . It won’t be there . And not all the roads you will pass through, will be smooth, some will be so rough and at a point, maybe you will get a flat tire, but that won’t mean you will have to desert it.

I hope you now clearly understand what I speak of. Life is not about giving up. Even in your toughest times.

I tell you, your life is what you make it. Just live day after day, and at least be grateful for the breath you take day after day.

You ain’t the first one to go down that very road you are going down.

Just be bold

Be you

The strongest you