In life, we all know that not all that we want, we get. We all know that, but we still wish to get what we want.

Besides all this we still have to move with whatever comes by in our lives. We have to wipe away those years and just move on. Stand up again.

Yes, because that is not the end of life. We have to just keep on hoping. That’s where the hope always comes in. We all know that not everything we want ,we shall always receive, but we still give it a try.

Sometimes, things get intense and you really want to give up, on this f** life. You even cry your eyes out. And then when you look at your friend, it gets you thinking ” Oh God must hate me”. I know the feeling.

But at times, it’s okay to cry. To cry those tears out, though you feel like you’re the strongest person you Know, at times you just need to let those tears flow down.

Buh none of these will ever kill us, no…it’s just supposed to make us strong and push us forward…

Jus keep strong.

En follow me… please and like as well.

If you feel life is just not working out for you, just know, you are not alone. For one, I am there for you. So…for now…I guess this is goodbye, let’s meet next time.

Stay strong

Stay bold

Just you

Just me