So ha! Back to us trying to understand life , I told you about everything happening for a reason. Well, I just wanted to continue to tell you more about that. Well, one of the reasons to why you should have it in your mind that everything happens for a reason is because having this in your mind , dear one, will help you over come alot . It will keep you moving, trust me. It’s one thing that will give you hope when you least expect it

I don’t say this because I just believe it . I have experienced this . I can testify it has helped me through lots of problems , challenges , and all that . Well, only because when something really bad happened, or maybe someone did something butt ugly to me , and it made me feel awful, I just sat and thought to myself, maybe just maybe there is a reason to why this has happened. I asked myself questions like ” why did this have to happen at this exact time, why did it have to be in this place , why does it have to be me” many , very many questions but then there it the other question would cross my mind , I thought to myself “maybe there a certain reason to all this, let me give it sometime and see” then there I bent down on my feet and prayed as waited.

Hmm , well, honestly after my waiting for a long time, I actually found my answer. The answer to my questions. This , just this gave me hope over time. Time after time I waited for answers and there, they would come flowing in. And the next time, I wasn’t scared to face anything in my life. Yes, life is like that,you don’t have to give up that easily . How about you wait and then observe!

You know, when something happens and you know the reason to why it has happened , you get to understand it, and. If it’s some sort of a problem, you will learn to overcome it . You will have hope for tomorrow, you will always find it easy to deal with your anger. And trust me you will experience this calmness.

More to all this, you really need to be positive. Positivity is one thing people have failed to understand. People only concentrate on the negative part of something and tend to leave out the positive ones. Yes , obviously, you need to look at the negatives, but there are positives too, you know, but the biggest reason to why people tend to give up in life is because they not tried noting out the positive side of their lives but only concentrated on the negative.

There maybe a reason for everything, but obviously not all reasons will give you peace . Some of these reasons will trouble your mind but only because you have failed to see the brighter side. The brighter side, that is what is important and the dark side, that is just to help you learn. To help sharpen you into the better person you would want to be and have always wished to be.

You are the one who has to make the decision whether to control your own life or let it be controlled, it’s up to you to see things in your own perspective. No one owns your life but you, therefore you need to claim it. You claim what is yours.

Believe me , you are strong, stronger than you even imagine.

Just , drive your life